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ABBEDAM celebrated its 20th production with the Pulitzer-Prize and Tony Award winning play ANGELS IN AMERICA, which also happened to be celebrating its 20th anniversary on Broadway! “A Gay Fantasia on National Themes,” ANGELS IN AMERICA explores sexuality, gender, race, relationships, love, and politics through the lens of the AIDS epidemic in New York City, 1985.


DIRECTOR: Nicholas Eaton, ABEDDAM, University of Alberta

ROLE: Belize

CAST: Matt Ayache, Cristian Badiu, Jordan Buhat, Lauren Derman, Andrew Dool, Joshua Edison, Rhiannon Eldridge, Emily Howard, Jodie McRobbie, Roland Meseck, Erin Orris, Gabe Richardson, Connor Suart, Kyle Tennant, and Katelyn Trieu.

PRODUCTION CREW: Katy Marie, Bryan Lentz, Kristy McNeil


"Angels was one of the most pivotal plays I have done.  It reignited my passion for theatre and married it with a journey through queer history.  Learning about the AIDS crisis that swept the western L-mostly G-BTQ world through the lens of my character took my understand of the epidemic to new levels of empathy.  It inspired an authentic courage that was needed to face the torturous realities of the time."

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