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secondary, post-secondary, community educator and consultant


Anti-Oppression and Equity Consultation

Through Shajara, I offer a partnership rooted in relationship building.  If you are looking to fold in meaningful strategies for Anti-Oppression and Equity in your work/educative place.  I can offer my expertise and experience in creating a plan that works with you.

"Makram Ayache is a brilliant facilitator. He conducted an Anti-Racist workshop for the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta that had major impact on our instructors. Rather than delivering a pre-packaged delivery  of what anti-racism is, he customized the event to address specific issues in our department. Using anonymized case studies, he helped us see where and when we are engaging in racists behavior, and then helped us find solutions to our current problems. I've heard from instructors that this workshop has changed how they engage with their teaching. His work is transformative. I would recommend him to anyone seriously interested in change." - Melanie Dryer-Lude, Chair, Department of Drama, University of Alberta

Why “Anti-Oppression and Equity” instead of “Diversity and Inclusion?”

The words “Diversity and Inclusion” have become diluted into a badge of progress which organizations wear, instead of honoring the action asked of the words.


The success in transforming “Diversity and Inclusion” from tokenistic emblems of progress into meaningful systemic and personal change begins with relationship building.  I have an intrinsic belief that most people wake up each day intending to do good.  Often, that goodness is lost between our intentions, our actions, and the convenience of systems of oppression.


It is vital our barometer for progress is instilled in action and not only in intention.


“Anti-Oppression and Equity” is more articulate of the action necessary for meaningful and humanizing change in work and educative spaces.  This is a change that centers individual dignities and honors the identities of those most vulnerable and marginalized.

“A bright and empathetic workshop leader, Makram is not only responsive to participants, but also certain in his mission to explain how oppression operates. Combining lecture, discussion and exercises, he stimulates, provokes and makes you think. Best of all, he does it with intelligence and charm.” - Mark Fisher, Workshop Participant


Areas of Focus

My arena focuses on 2SLGBTQIA+ (2 Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual/Agender) inclusion, anti-Orientalism (combating Islamophobia, anti-Arabness, Anti-brownness), and anti-racism.  My experience is best synthesized with theatre and arts communities, artists, groups, companies, and organizations as well as primary, secondary, post-secondary, or community education settings.


I have extensive experience facilitating Anti-Oppression and Equity workshops and consultations with non-profit, corporate, government, post-secondary, arts, and charity organizations.  I have worked with organizations as large as the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-lake to smaller groups such as Junior High classes or church groups.

Who are you?

- Theatre companies
- Theatre artists
- Film organizations
- Film artists
- Writers
- Arts organizations
- Arts-Education organizations
- Arts-Educators
- Educators at any level (primary, secondary, post-secondary, or community)
- Independent artists
- Artistic curators

- Non-profit organizations

- Corporations


If you do not see yourself reflected in the list but are still interested in collaborating, please get in touch!

What I offer:


Through my consultations, you will be offered a plan that works for you.  The base plan may include:
- Needs Assessment: one-on-one meetings, focus groups, surveys.
- Recommendations: providing recommendations and best practices.
- Resources: providing resources developed specifically for you, linking to resources at large.
- Planning: building a tangible plan for moving forward, implementing the plan, and tracking progress.



I offer specially tailored workshops to meet the educative needs of your organization.

Our work together may be limited to a one-time meeting or an on-going multi-phase project. 

As a commitment to anti-oppression, no person or organization is turned away for due to lack of funds.  I operate on a sliding scale option.  If finances are making consultations impossible, I have an allocated percentage of pro-bono work.  Further, if the work is not in my realm of expertise, I am happy to lead you to someone who can support you most meaningfully.

Get in touch:


If you would like more information or you wish to set up a consultation, please get in touch.
Phone: (780) 264-6149

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