In Progress

Jericho is an interdisciplinary project that is centered around a live large scale theatrical production. From this production, various ancillary projects exist alongside of it, augmenting, enhancing, and extending the storytelling across mediums ranging from a novel, a music album, and a web series (amongst others). 

Stay tuned to this page to hear how the project develops.

Image by John Cameron

The Play

Jericho is a nearly forgotten mall at the edge of New City. When police are called in to evacuate the basement parkade of a tent city of the unhoused, a young woman’s, one of the houseless, protest video goes viral. This lighting rod brings thousands upon thousands to the mall in a political demonstrations against a capitalist ruling elite.


However, the protest is haphazard. Teenagers from a local high school fill their time perusing and playing at the mall. A group of activists organize against the retaliations in the protest. A white working-class family witnesses the protest increase in size, extending onto their family farm. And the young woman from the viral video garners a strange following where she takes on the title of a Prophet.


With this play, I am attempting to ask: just how closely capitalism is tied to our spine? I am also examining the interplay of power and oppression – how do politics of identity, race, sexuality, gender, and ability intersect with class? Is there a measure of greed and rapaciousness inherent in our human essence? Is this simply the economic manifestation of a deeply rooted bio-social impulse? Does the dollar transcend gender? Race? Geography? And finally, what is our alternative?

Currently, I am synthesizing the first draft of the play with Alberta Theatre Projects' Playwrights' Unit and Factory Theatre's Foundry Program with generous support from Edmonton Fringe Theatre Adventures.

Project Overview

Thank you to the organizations and companies for your support in the development of "Jericho"! I couldn't do this without your support.