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Euripides’ post-war play is re-set in the world of today. In the wake of the murder of Clytemnestra, her children Orestes and Electra prepare to stand trial for matricide. Meanwhile, the veterans of the Trojan War return home to face the shadows of the horrors they thought they left behind. In this final episode of the most celebrated trilogy of 400 BCE, the House of Atreus is brought to their knees by their own imperial dreams. It’s a nightmare, really. 


DIRECTOR: Harley Morrison, ABBEDDAM, University of Alberta
ROLE: Pylades

CAST: Eva Foote, Ashleigh Hicks, Braden Price, Tegan Hickie, Maggie Salopek, Kiana Woo, Chris Pereira, Jake Blakely, Jodie McRobbie, Gabriel Richardson, Brianna Kolybaba, Candace Job, Jordy Kieto, Dale MacDonald, Matt Ayache, Franco Correa, Bryan Lentz 
PRODUCTION CREW: Chandra Moir, Jessica Glover, Lily Climenhaga, Liam Salmon, Sophie Gareau-Brennan, Andrew Dool, Thaїs Polo, Vlady Peychoff, Sareeta Lopez, Celeste Birzgalis, Erin Orris, Brinnameade Smith, Kathleen Sera, Hayley Moorhouse, Kristy McNeil, Molly Danko, Candice Stollery, Connor Suart, Emilie Peters, Floyd Robert

"Playing the role of a sociopathic character whose motivations shifted between relentless love and a desire for absolute chaos was thrilling! Pylades came into the action anytime the dust seemed to settle, and he was unafraid to use people as pawns to meet his ends."

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